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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hello. The last week has flown by so quickly - it felt like I had ages before going back to school, but all of a sudden I only have a weekend left. Art is probably the only subject I feel I've done quite a lot of over the holiday, but I think that's a good thing as it's my first exam (just over a week to go, how exciting). I'm going away tomorrow for a two-day trip to Bournemouth to de-stress by the sea for a little before the real panic sets in.
Anyway, these pictures are from Saturday, when I went to Berwick Street to pick up some fabrics for Art. I used to spend ages there getting bits & pieces for Textiles, but since I finished my coursework I haven't had the need to go down there for ages, so it was nice to be back. 

I wore a shirt from Beyond Retro, skirt from a vintage fair in Oxford, scarf from Blitz, tights from H&M, socks from Topshop and shoes from Brighton. I bought the jacket last January from the East End Thrift store, so it cost me about £1 on it's own. I haven't really worn it much, though (apart from a really early blog post) but have rediscovered it since my entire wardrobe seems to be orange/brown/yellow at the moment. It was nice not having to wear a big coat to go out - a sure sign that maybe Spring is on it's way after all.

I adore Berwick Street - it's just off of Oxford Street, and is a lovely break from the busy mass of people that is central London. It's full of awesome record shops, fabric shops and even right next to the soho branch of Beyond Retro. What more could you want?

I of course paid The Cloth House a visit, and was as usual desperate to buy almost all of their gorgeous cotton prints. I am determined to come back in the summer and buy some to make shirts and dresses with. I also picked up some lunch from my favourite soho café Yumcha, and of course spent ages looking at all the different herbal teas.

Above: My current collection of books from Hastings, binoculars, replica fossil. Copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales from 1914 (with a handwritten unfinished poem inside) and fabrics from Beyond Fabrics on Columbia Road.

I hope you are all having a good week, and have a good Easter weekend! I will have various posts from Bournemouth ready when I get back on Saturday. Also, just another reminder that you can vote for me in Company's Style Blogger Awards under 'Best Teen Blogger - Under 18' HERE if you want to...I really would appreciate it!

Ellie xo

They'll split your pretty cranium and fill it full of air

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I like Sundays. I'm not particularly sure why, although I'm sure it stems from the tradition of Sunday being a restful sort of day. Sunday has always been the day family pop over for lunch, or you go for a morning walk, or get to just catch up with the world and read the Sunday newspapers. It's always a long day, mainly spent trying to make it last longer to avoid the inevitable truth of school or work the next day. Today however, had all of the blissful peace of most Sundays, without that nagging feeling that the freedom of the weekend is nearly over, as I am off school for the Easter and so have another whole week before I even have to start thinking about going back again.
I hate to be unproductive, and as quite a few days this past week have been spent holed up in my house desperately trying to understand physics, I decided I would use the day to pay a visit to Columbia Road Market, which I have been meaning to go to for ages. It's a flower market, however the surrounding shops were supposed to be quite quirky and cute, so I got up at my usual ungodly hour to go and check it out. 

For some reason this morning I found myself completely unable to decide on an outfit (one of those typical 'I have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet nothing to wear' scenarios) but stumbled upon my red and white checked skirt I bought from Beyond Retro last summer, and decided to wear it with my t-shirt from Camden Market, white tights and socks from Topshop, and boots from Brighton. I thought the red theme was a perfect excuse to wear my Planet Hollywood jacket, which was another summer 2013 buy that although is highly valued, rarely makes an appearance outside my bedroom. It is a resolution of mine to wear it more, and so I thought there was no better day than today to start.

We arrived at the market at about 10 o'clock, which was a little later than intended considering it opened at 8 o'clock. It was incredibly easy to find; all you need do is look to see where the trail of people carrying various bouquets and potted plants are coming from. Luckily, we didn't seem to have missed anything...the relatively small street was crammed with stall upon stall, packed to bursting with hundreds and hundreds of flowers. The throng of people got so intense at times you ended up at a standstill, boxed in by tulips, cacti and a hoard of excitable human traffic. Despite being someone who hates busy streets, I didn't mind - the atmosphere was alive with the stallholder's "30 stems for a fiver! The police will be here any minute, price's so cheap you're basically stealing them from me!" Tourists hurry about with cameras, children's eyes wide with the surprise at so much colour and vibrancy all in one place. And it is completely that - one small street, nestled in the heart of an area not known for being exactly picturesque, and yet it is totally vibrant. The pleasure is infectious - every single person seems happy.

As well as an amazing array of flowers (that were really reasonably priced!), there are some amazing independent shops that line the busy road. With rents so high, independent shops are really hard to come by these days, and so to find a whole street without meeting a 'Joy', 'Oliver Bonas', 'Boots' or the usual 'Tesco express' is a real achievement. My favourites included 'Vintage Heaven / Cake Hole', a dusty pink shop that sold numerous vintage china and kitchenware at really reasonable prices, and doubled up as a café, and 'Beyond Fabrics', a cute fabric and haberdashery haven that sold mainly vintage and retro prints. There are also some gorgeous arty shops selling handmade goods, such as 'Jessie and Buddug.'

There was even a vintage sweet shop (the key to my heart is through my stomach) so really the street has pretty much everything. They even serve coffee from tiny little stands made out of shop hallways that have had the front door removed. Considering it isn't far from where I live, I can't believe I hadn't ever been before. I'm sure it will now become a regular haunt of mine though.

I even managed to find a little antique and vintage section just off the main street. Browsing the eclectic mix of books, homewares, clothing and artwork was made even more enjoyable by the presence of one out of the market's three buskers, who was kind of like a one man band (he had a tambourine strapped to one foot and everything). It was lovely to see someone so talented attract a crowd that really appreciated his music, and to see young children dance in front of him while he played. You honestly could forget you were in London, it felt much more like a country market in a far away village.
I hope you are all having a good Sunday, and recommend you check out Columbia Road Flower Market if you're nearby on a Sunday morning and fancy something to cheer you up before a new week starts. Also, thank you so much again for the nominations for Company's Style Blogger Awards...they are still going on, and so if you do have a moment (sorry to ask again, I know it's getting really annoying) to vote for me here it would be really appreciated.

Ellie xo

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hello. I'm currently off school for our Easter Holidays, although my final exams are in about four weeks (art in about two), and so of course work is all a little hectic. I've been surprisingly disciplined with my revision though, and am quite pleased with how much I've done. It's still much, much better than having to be at school every day, and sort of feels like college. I like it. I've also liked having that little bit of extra time to try and catch up with my life, for example desperately tidying my room, catching up with my best friend who I hadn't seen since, like, summer...and of course occasionally lazing about reading National Geographic (latest obsession) or Betty Magazine. I've done a lot of art too, and actually have a plan for my final exam, which is a first. I'm looking forward to summer though, as I will have about ten weeks of complete freedom to just go wild (though wild for me is probably going to be a night in watching Rushmore). 

I wore this outfit on Sunday to go and buy art materials. I took a trip over to Cass Art in Hampstead, and obviously also had a walk around all the cute back streets. They feel so old and cute; you wouldn't believe you were in the twenty-first century. The shirt is from Blitz, skirt and coat from Beyond Retro, satchel from The London Satchel Company, tights from H&M, socks from Topshop and shoes from Rokit.

I wore a pair of my new glasses, which I bought at the Vintage Carboot Sale and had my lenses put in at Hoxton Market. This particular pair are slightly hexagonal in shape, and I felt they were the perfect blend of weird and grandma-ish. I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with collecting quirky glasses frames, but I don't think it's a bad thing because at least that way I'll actually wear them.
The fish pin belonged to my mum, and demonstrates my other new obsession - I seem to be putting pins and brooches on everything I wear at the moment.

I managed to get all of the art things I needed quite quickly, and so we ended up having a spontaneous lunch out in Le Pain Quotidien. I had been meaning to go to the one in Highgate for ages, but I stumbled across this one and decided it looked even nicer, and couldn't resist giving it a try. It has a really cosy atmosphere, and serves as both a bakery, selling fresh bread, tarts, cakes and other items such as jams and preserves, and a café and restaurant, selling good breakfasts, lunches and even dinner.

The food itself was really good - the menu was really diverse, and offers light and healthy options alongside more decadent brunches, varying from the traditional full english to their take on a ploughman's lunch (first meal pictured). I opted for their 'detox salad', and it was even came with bread so I could try the fig jam left out on all the tables. It felt like being at home, however the food was definitely a cut-above ordinary cosy house food. I just want to go back so I can try the breakfasts!

Just as a side note, I know lots of you have already been absolutely wonderful and voted for me, but if you haven't / would like to again you can nominate me for 'Best Teen Style Blogger - Under 18' at the Company Style Blogger Awards by clicking HERE. So many amazing people are also going for it and I know it is a little hopeful and ambitious of me to try, but if you do want to nominate me I would really appreciate the support! I hope you are all having a good holiday, and are enjoying the occasional spring-ish weather.

Ellie xo